Tuesday, May 2

Get a mac

Well, its just a coincidence, but the day after I begin this blog, Apple begins their "Get a Mac - Why you'll love a Mac" campaign. Nothing new. They insist in the classical statements and some new reasons to switch. Lets see what they are:

1.- It just works
2.- You can make amazing stuff
3.- Desing that turns head
4.- 114.000 viruses? Not on a Mac
5.- Next year's OS today
6.- The latest Intel chips
7.- Instant video chats
8.- More fun with photos
9.- One-click web sites
10.- Amazing podcasts
11.- Rock Star tunemaking
12.- Hollywood style movies
13.- No hunting for drivers
14.- Awesome out of the box

Well, I think they are right in these "fourteen points" but there is one left:

15.- Apple computers are beautiful outside... and this matters, isn't it?

You can watch the TV ads in the american Apple website. I guess we, europeans, will never have the "Get a Mac" advertising campaign in our TVs. Maybe there is an exception, Great Britain. Apple there is more popular than here, in the continent. In some countries, like Spain, Apple never ever make a commercial. In others -like our portuguese neighbours- Apple is an unknown brand of unknown computers.... don't believe me? try to find the Portugal Apple Store.

I don't know why Apple is not interested in some places. For example, in my wife's region in southern Germany you can only get a Mac in 6 or 7 shops in all the Land, and is a very rich and quite populated region. Maybe is because americans live in their own english speaking planet, and the rest of the world is something odd and difficult to understand. It happens with the british and american tourists, they use to think everybody, even in the most hidden corner of the world, are fluent in their language. Or maybe is because the potential customers are so few that isn't worth the efforts.

I think is a mix of both.

Anyway, with Internet we can see and enjoy anything from anywhere.


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